There is a storyteller in everyone

At Patchworks we believe that everyone is a storyteller. Our storytelling workshops are aimed at helping participants find their unique voice as storytellers. 

Besides exploring the fundamentals of story exploration, these workshops prepare for performance. 

During lockdown we devised a series of online workshops called Catalyst. Catalyst was a 5 session program where we helped artists from various fields develop ideas. This workshop consisted of group sessions with group work in breakout rooms, as well as one of one brainstorming sessions. 

We strongly believe in “play”, therefore all our workshops are routed in dynamic theatre exercise.


  • Body Lab - storytelling with the body
  • Nani - Dadi Kahani - Stories from or about our grandparents
  • Recipe Book - stories about and around food
  • Storytelling 101 - What makes a good story? And how to tell it.